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Different kinds of road and industrial construction bitumen

After entering raw material -VB- into the factory, unloading permission is given after passing tests which are done by skilled experts at Quality Control Unit. Some other standard tests are also done during and after production procedure. Final product is packed, barreled, bulked and distributed the local and international markets after becoming sure about demanding quality.

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  • Analysis PG 70-16

  • Bitumen analysis 40/50

  • Bitumen analysis 60/70

  • Bitumen analysis 85/100

  • Bitumen analysis 200/300

  • Bitumen analysis 85/25

  • Bitumen analysis 90/15

  • Bitumen analysis 110/10

قیر امولوسیون

Emulsion Bitumen

Due to the modern technology and science, and the importance of environmental matters, using improved type of bitumen named Emulsion Bitumen is rapidly increasing in construction industry.
Emulsion bitumen is invented by a French scientist in 1922. Now Palayesh-e Hesar Mehran Company by associating industry with science, and collaboration with some European Companies is capable of producing 15 MT per hour. This makes us one of the most powerful emulsion producing companies in Iran.

  • Analysis Emulsion Bitumen CSS-1

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Polymer Bitumen

Polymer modified bitumen is obtained through the addition of polymers such as CRM, SBS and other prevalent polymers to bitumen by mechanical mixing or chemical reaction. Polymers change the visco-elastic behavior of the bitumen and thus make it more resistible to different stresses.

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Roof insulation

Roof insulations both with or without aluminum cover are produced in accordance with high level local and international standards for different climates (hot, tropical, cool, dry, humid,…) to insulate roofs, pipes, water plants, tunnels, tanks, pools, irrigation installation, etc.

They are available through these brands:
Hesar Delijan
Nano Pashm-e Shisheh Hesar
Tavan Gostar-e Delijan

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  • Analysis Insulation Nano glass wool Hesar & Tavan gostar Delijan