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    Palayesh-e-Hesar Mehran company has been registered in 1984 with the registration number 93060 by official license from Iran Industries and Mines Organization. It is located around a region named Shahr-e-Rey in Tehran in an area over the 30000 square meters.

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Quality control unit and laboratory

Palayesh-e Hesar Mehran company has the most modern bitumen laboratory by using advanced equipment with the latest technology of the UK, Austria, Italy, German, and America according to the ASTM American, Europe CE, and NACI Iran’s National Standard Alongside, having skilled and professional staff enables the company to perform not only the routine tests on bitumen production in accordance with the international standards and Iran Standard NACI, but also professional tests to determine the PG and emulsion

The laboratory of this company, with the mentioned capabilities, as the first holder of ISO 17025 certification in all bitumen grades, is ready to cooperate with all manufacturers, standard offices and government, scientific centers and municipalities in the field of producing standard bitumens and performing all tests. Is relevant.

Production Unit

Production unit of this factory produces different kinds of bitumen 24h full time in 6 phases.
Phase 1: Roofing insulation unit which produces three brands Hesar Delijan, Nano Pashm-e shishe, and Tavan Gostar-e Delijan
Phase 2: Bitumen refining system equipped with two reactors having daily capacity of 1200 ton (MT) various grades of road construction bitumen and performance grades (PG) of bitumen.
Phase 3: Producing different R grade bitumen such as 25/85, 15/90, 10/110
Phase 4: Producing different polymer bitumen such as CRM, SBS, etc.
Phase 5: Producing various types of emulsion bitumen such as rapid setting, medium setting, and slow setting
Phase 6: Producing various types of polymer based bitumen
Through improvements in production abilities, Palayesh-e Hesar Mehran has the most production capacity among the private sector producers.

Monitoring Unit

Palayesh-e Hesar Mehran’s full automatic monitoring unit is empowered by the most skilled experts and equipped with the most modern equipment by the famous brands. Everything such as temperature, press, quantity, quality and etc. can be completely observed through the controlling room. Beside, our experts can switch off and on all the devices even pumps through this full automatic unit. In order to have a complete supervision there are more than 30 controlling cameras except the security cameras which help to have a fully controlled view over everything.
The company’s monitoring unit is highly secured and guaranties producing the products with the best quality to be in the local and international markets.


Producing capacity of bitumen emulsions
(Ton Per Year)


Producing capacity of bitumen
(Ton Per Year)


Producing capacity of modified bitumen
(Ton Per Year)


In an area of M2

8000Ton Tank of Palayeshe Hesar Mehran

The largest reservoir of bitumen in Iran

Infrastructure plan And asphalt South Ninth St

Address and phone number :

Factory & Office : No. 20, san’at 18th (south 9th), Emam Hossein Boulevard, Qom Old Road, Tehran, Iran ,Asia

Phone : 02156544325

fax : 02156544326

Official : . No. 7, Hassan Seif Street , West Town, Tehran, Iran, Asia

Phone  : ۰۲۱۸۷۷۰۰۰۹۹

fax : 02188075268

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