Flexible Sheets for Waterproofing


Roof insulations both with or without aluminum cover are produced in accordance with high level local and international standards for different climates (hot, tropical, cool, dry, humid,…) to insulate roofs, pipes, water plants, tunnels, tanks, pools, irrigation installation, etc.

They are available through these brands:
Hesar Delijan
Nano Pashm-e Shisheh Hesar
Tavan Gostar-e Delijan

Aluminum-coated isogams are used to insulate roofs to reflect light and absorb less heat, and it also has a beautiful application. Simple isogams without aluminum coating are used for service floors, walls, etc., and there is no difference in terms of formulation between isogams with aluminum coating and without coating. The choice of isogum type depends on the type of area used. Delijan fence isogum according to the point of flexibility in cold (-5) and heat resistance (+90) for cold areas and isogum Tavan Gostar-e Delijan and nano Pashm-e Shisheh Hesar (with the same formula) according to the point of flexibility in cold (zero) And heat resistance (+100) is used for tropical regions.)