Emulsion Bitumen

Cationic Emulsified Asphalt

اDue to the modern technology and science, and the importance of environmental matters, using improved type of bitumen named Emulsion Bitumen is rapidly increasing in construction industry.
Emulsion bitumen is invented by a French scientist in 1922. Now Palayesh-e Hesar Mehran Company by associating industry with science, and collaboration with some European Companies is capable of producing 15 MT per hour. This makes us one of the most powerful emulsion producing companies in Iran.

Reference standard

  • INSO 12505-7

  • ASTM D2397

  • Rapid Setting Emulsion Bitumen CRS-1

  • Medium Setting Emulsion Bitumen CMS-2

  • Slow Setting Emulsion Bitumen CSS-1h

  • Quik Setting Emulsion Bitumen CQS

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