PG Bitumen

Performance Graded Asphalt Binder for Use in Pavement Construction

According to the latest world standard, the functional grade of bitumen is determined according to the climatic conditions of each region. Determining the functional grade of bitumen according to the average of the highest and lowest seven-day asphalt temperatures is measured based on specific formulas and the degree of bitumen is determined. Mehran Pomegranate Refining Company’s laboratory, with all the equipment related to determining the functional grade of bitumen, has the ability to produce all the functional grades of bitumen based on the climatic needs of each region

    Reference standard

    • INSO 12505-3

    • ASTM D6373

    Analysis of  bitumen 

    • PG 46-XX

    • PG 52-XX

    • PG 58-XX

    • PG 64-XX

    • PG 70-XX

    • PG 76-XX