Cutback Asphalt Medium – Curing Type

Cutback bitumen is the mixture of bitumen and a proper solvent (for example kerosene ,gasoil or gasoline

This type of bitumen is liquid at ambient temperature

Cutback bitumen’s are used in a variety of cutting and macadamia asphalt

Hardening of cutback bitumen’s depends om the type of solvent that is used to make

For example, due to the high speed evaporation of gasoline, the cutback bitumen made of it will harden faster than other types of cutbacks and is Called RC

Those types of cutback that kerosene is used to make them and called MC and the third type that is produced by gasoil is SC

MC is a mixture of bitumen with the penetration of 70/100 or 160/220 with kerosene to reach the specified viscosity

The main used of cutbacks is in road. construction in order to make surface asphalt and mulching to prevent the movement of fluid sends

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